Tuesday, 24 May 2011

We're all waving flags

I finished some of the standard bearers last night. Here's the one for the Ejercito Populare. The flags are from that Catalan Wargamer's site I gave in the last post.

I really like the pose of this figure. he's waving the flag in an ostentatious manner, obviously giving it all he's got.

I also did up standards for my militia and Falangists but there are no photos of them because either the flag is a bit dull or the figure isn't as interesting.

I'm still light a few flags for my Spanish Foreign Legion and Moroccan tabors. I poked around the internet last night for some inspiration as there were no flags for these troop types on the website (coming soon, it says, and has done for a year or two I guess).

Alas when googling for images of Spanish Civil war flags some of the most frequent pictures are of my International Brigade banners from this blog which are, alas, both fictional and not carried by Moroccans.

Back to the search.


  1. So you are the one responsible for all the false information on the internet about the SCW. :-)

  2. Not all of it, no, but that bit YES, and proud of it.

  3. Nice sharp close ups these days, Graham (I think you are mastering that posh camera now)


  4. Actually took those with the digital macro on my compact camera.