Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Real Life odds & ends

Time to catch up with some Real Life. Miss T is back from Tanzania with tales of what it is like to teach in a village with no running water (other than rain). She has been diligent with her photography so when I go back to my AK47-Republic terrain and building modelling I’ll have lots of inspiration.

Like some other wargamers of a similar age I also have issues with my parents who are quite sprightly but are suffering with the health issues that go with old age. My father has just had a cataract operation so he won’t be driving for a while. That means extra trips to make sure they are both okay and stock up on essentials.

Master Trebian has just graduated and gone off to Glastonbury, complete with new rucksack and tent. Wonder how much of that will survive the forecast weather.

And me…well I’ve been in and out of hospital with kidney pains. Kidney stones I’m told. Been a few years since I had any of those (over 10, in fact) and even so, they’ve been small, if painful.

The miracles of modern technology tell me I have three to worry about, - a 3mm stone (not a big deal), and one each of 6mm & 8mm respectively.

6mm & 8mm! That’s the size of a Baccus figure!!! And there’s only one way they come out naturally. Ouch. Can you imagine p*ssing out a 6mm figure? For a start you wouldn’t want one with a pike or any other sticky out bits, would you.

They’re talking about blasting me with ultrasonics some time in the next eight weeks. That reduces the little blighters to smaller fragments. May be a 2mm size. But hopefully not in one of those strips of figures you can get.

Enough for now. I think my pain medication may be affecting my judgement.

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