Friday, 4 January 2013

Post Christmas Bargains

There's a branch of Robert Dyas hardware round the corner from where I work. They're having a clear out of Christmas decorations, including some laser cut "Alpine Village" buildings from a company called Noma..

The buildings are a slightly large 15mm, or perhaps even 20mm. The scale isn't exactly constant, but at £2 each I couldn't resist.

There were four different types in the shop, so I got a mixture of six. They all come with a little light inside (easily removed) and some tasteful people and animals standing outside which simply snap off. Here's some pictures of them with a Peter Pig figure outside for comparison.

"Mini House"

"Mini Hostelry"
"Mini Church"
"Mini House with Balcony"

With a layer of paint and a bit of basing I think they'll do fine for generic modern era European buildings.

The shop still had a few left. Might leave it a week to see if they cut the price some more!


  1. I've used a lot of Christmas ceramic buildings . . . and a hint . . . simply by painting duplicates a bit differently (especially the roofs) and placing them at different angles, no one notices that they are the same buildings.

    -- Jeff

    1. Roof colours are probably as they're wood, the application of a small fret saw may mean they are easy to modify.