Sunday, 3 March 2013

Flag Follow Up

I have attached some of the Opium War flags from a post or two back to their flag bearers this morning.

The flags were printed out on standard paper but on a office heavy duty HP colour laser jet. This has given me brighter colours than my inkjet and finer definition, but you still can't see some of the detail.

I have edged the flags with gold paint, but I haven't varnished them. The laser printer has given them a slight sheen anyway, so I think I'll leave them "as is".

Quite pleased with them, I am.

Colour party, 1st (Royal) Regiment.

Colour party, 1st (Royal) Regiment (rear view).

Colour Party 99th (Lanarkshire) Regiment (Regimental Colour only)


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    1. Thanks. As I said, I'm quite pleased with how they've come out. I'd have liked them to be a bit bigger, but they're as big as will fit on the flag pole.